If you're in the phase of building your dream house you know that windows & doors are a cardinal point of the project. Ventanas Carretero is a Spanish brand that's known worldwide for their premium materials which started manufacturing PVC systems to satisfy market demands. Today they are proud to say that they have a successful and extensive distribution network of windows exports to many countries around the globe.

You are welcome to visit Residencia Isla Esmeralda located at Tanki Leendert 144 to admire the products of Ventanas Carretero. For more information of their professional and quality work or to place an order please call: 732- 28-44 or send an email to ventanascarretero.aruba@gmail.com and in a record period of time your products will be on the island for a super competitive price.


Looking for which are the homes for sale worth talking about? Isla Esmeralda might as well be considered as the best kept secret in Real Estate…and by choice. The new gated community under development located at Tanki Leendert 144 developed by Island Properties offers 22 modern and minimalistic style homes build with a smart sense of space use and with European windows and doors. By opting for insolated materials for their roofs and windows they are big hit between young professionals who look for a sustainable home and investment for their future. And at very impressive and competitive rates they are an incredible investment. In one sentence luxury at affordable prices with a European touch.

  • Tanki Leendert 144

  • (297) 732- 2844(297) 732- 2844

  • ventanascarretero.aruba@gmail.com