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Ok so the year is coming to an end and in your busy schedule you can’t seem to find inspiration… or time to shop for that matter. So, what do you do? I say: “when in doubt, wear gold!” And we are not talking about those boring, typical golden dresses that seem to make their way around the Holidays every year. We are talking about edgy, fun golden dresses that are actually pleasant to wear and real fun to move in. And if you are someone who likes to wear their dresses more than once, like I am, this specific one by Vice Versa is perfect for you. Totally fab for your NYE party and later on next year paired with a denim jacket for a fun night out.

Take advantage of Vice Versa’s extended opening hours, till 7 pm on weekdays and 8 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. And right now for the month of December they even welcome shoppers on Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.


About us

This boutique owned by former Miss International Aruba explodes with what every woman needs to look and feel their best. Gala dresses, cocktail dresses, all the seasons’ must haves including purses and accessories are constantly making its way on to the shelves. Women rely on Vice Versa for much more than fashion, their full service salon makes sure every woman leaves feeling fulfilled and refreshed with either a new hair color, hair style, a freshly done gel manicure or pedicure and not to forget their professional make up that can always give them that extra touch they wish for, for special occasions or anytime they feel like pampering themselves. All these services combined and their location outside the city makes Vice Versa a hot spot for fashionista’s.

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    Belgiestraat 38 Oranjestad, Eagle

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    (297) 583-3283

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    Mon - Fri 10 am to 7 pm